WhoWas is the tool to define and preserve your digital footprint as a lasting, digital legacy. Register your profile and simply tag your way into history via

“The World’s LAST Social Network.”
“Your life is your legacy. And, because your social network activity is now an
integral part of your journey, your life’s story is being written every time you post, pin, Like, tag, etc. WhoWas.com promises to simplify and revolutionize
the way we preserve our digital legacies.”

WhoWas has morphed from memorial pages in the late 90’s to a truly viable and easy-to-use legacy tool of today. Thanks in large part to the transformation of the internet from those early days, social media sites and the history of the internet itself, we are all able to look back at ourselves in terms of our digital footprint. By giving everyone a simple “how-to” direction in preserving their digital legacy, WhoWas is truly positioning itself to be a real game changer and ultimately the world’s last social network!
Pre-registration is available now at www.whowas.com. Own your digital footprint and make #WhoWas the key to leaving “your mark” for generations to come. After all, it’s going to be there for a long time one way or another. May as well dictate what people find and what it says about you.

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